The Club

The Club

The London School of Economics Karate Club (LSEKC) is one of the most established sports clubs at the LSE. Comprising of over 25 undergraduate and post-graduate students, the Club is one of largest martial arts clubs in the School and probably one of the most diverse in the country. Drawing upon the LSE’s international reputation, the Club is proud to have members originating from all corners of globe! At the last count, the Club’s members originated from as far a field as Tokyo, Moscow and California, to more humble locations such as London and Cardiff! LSEKC aims to provide a professional training in a friendly and welcoming environment. As a University Club, we proudly cater for all levels of ability, ranging from the complete beginner to the more experienced participant.

Who can join?

Membership of the Club is available to any registered student or staff member of the London School of Economics, upon payment of a £20 Athletic Union annual membership fee. General members of the public who wish to join must contact the club for further details.

Training costs just £4 per session for LSE students and funding made available from our generous sponsors allows the Club to keep the class fees low. This makes Karate one of the cheapest sports to participate in at the LSE!!!